Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Last Post or List of Things I Didn't Know.......

The Last Post or List of Things I Didn’t Know Before Coming on the Threads of Life Tour to Bali & West Timor:

1. The difference between ikat, double ikat, supplementary weft, or discontinued weft.
2. That there are at least 100 uses for the coconut.
3. Bali has squirrels.
4. Congregational Ministers can be female.
5. That in the U.S you can buy your own railroad.
6. During the safety video on Garuda flights, stewards don’t demonstrate safety equipment instead they hand out lollies!
7. The Garuda in-flight magazine includes a list of invocations for a safe journey in 5 religions: Islamic, Buddhist, Catholic, Presbyterian & Confucian (I invoked them all as we had a very windy landing into Kupung.)
8. In West Timor the night time use of headlights by motorcycles (and some cars) is neither compulsory or customary
9. How deeply traditional Bali life still is.
10. That my travel insurance wouldn’t cover the loss of my front tooth.
11. How much I would love this tour!

Thank you to Eleri for organising me to go (and being such a great travel companion). My deep gratitude to Choy, Jean & William. Choy runs the most amazing tours
If going to Bali I encourage you to visit Threads of Life Visit the shop and if you get the chance to hear Jean or William speak grab it!
Thank you to everyone on the tour!


  1. we had squirrels outside our bungalow in Bali. We used to feed them and they got mighty demanding, plus they became very territorial, fighting one another over 'their' tree.