Saturday, August 7, 2010

Some photos from Looneke

Belatedly here are some photos from Looneke that relate to Fiona's post on Morinda dye.

Walking in to Looneke. We left the cars at the top of the hill and walked in the last kilometre or so that we could have a proper welcome.

The official welcome was sung, the clan leader is the man in the front in blue. This is the welcome being sung.

The weavers' cooperative members did their own welcome dance for us.

A demonstration of indigo dyeing.

Fiona having a go at one of the easier tasks on offer - pounding the morinda roots in preparation for making the dye.

The members of the weavers' cooperative.

Fiona with the weaver of her new textile.

Eleri with the weaver of her new textile.

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