Friday, August 6, 2010

The things you take for granted ...

Kupang is the only place in West Timor where we have had internet access or, for that matter, mobile coverage.

But the Hotel Kristal - "Kupang's best hotel" has wireless! But it's wireless that let's us publish text to the blog but not pictures. And we can't even see the blog so if you can see this, our workaround is working! My limited diagnosis of this problem is that we have IPv4 connectivity but not IPv6 I'm guessing this is an infrastructure problem. The fact that we have wireless at all is pretty remarkable.

We'll be back in Bali tonight and hopefully we can get the pictures up. We are madly writing up the last few days but it has been HUGE and hard to convey. I was worried before I left that the pace would be too slow and I would get bored. That's not happening!

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